Upholstered panels

mollis® products are perfect for bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, home offices and halls. They can be used both as a soft backrest behind a bed or a sofa, and as an effective decoration on a TV wall, a window recess or a seat in the hall. The great advantage of the panels is easy and independent assembly, so no professional help is needed. The panels can be glued with mounting glue or, alternatively, to provide a re-decoration option installed on velcro points. Research of the Building Research Institute confirms that the acoustic insulation level of mollis® upholstered panels is 70%, which significantly contributes to the soundproofing of the room. The panels also have good thermal insulation properties, becoming aesthetic protection of cold walls.

The mollis® collection consists of different series in multiple fabrics and colors. Pieces of one series can be combined with each other to create, depending on the idea, uniform and monochrome patterns or multicoloured, spectacular compositions.

The mollis® collection is distinguished by a wide selection of upholstery fabrics used for the production of panels. There are materials with a visible and well-felt weave, as well as with a slightly smoother texture. The offer also includes delicate velvet fabrics with or without a brushed effect, as well as materials resembling leather with a soft but irregular structure. Fabrics selected for the production of mollis® panels are covered with a hydrophobic coating, which additionally protects them against water and wet dirt. If cleaning is required, just collect the spilt liquid with an absorbent towel and then wipe the panel with a damp cloth, optionally with the addition of grey soap. The colour palette includes several carefully selected shades - both universal and timeless, as well as seasonal, in line with current trends. The colours of mollis® upholstered panels include classic beiges, browns and greys, pastel pinks and blues, elegant navy blue, red and bold honey, turquoise and blacks.