Stegu architectural tiles are the response to the demand of the interior design sector, which values practical applications. When designing interior finishing products, it is important to consider precision, selection of appropriate materials, preparation of a perfect form and an adequate scale. As a result, perfect wall linings can be created for a large group of customers.

It has not been the case for many years. Certain solutions were not accessible for everyone. Concrete architectural plates (architectural concrete), for example, due to, among others, the size and weight, were mostly used in large investment projects (public spaces, unusually large family houses). Stegu is the game changer. Architectural tiles are the solution dedicated to those seeking modern and more austere-looking forms prepared in line with excellent craftsmanship and best architecture. They are made of two types of materials - concrete or gypsum. In the case of practical gypsum, they take inspiration from the uniqueness and minimalist refinement of concrete. One can notice pits and reflections. The offer includes classical architectural tiles with smooth texture, such as New York, and Constructo - tiles inspired by reflections of shuttering boards. Both tiles types are easy to lay. The architectural tiles offer also includes wall linings with excellent 3D geometrical patterns. Depending on the laying pattern and light angle, they can create various visual effects.

The richness of architectural inspirations is not limited to concrete, even if a product is concrete-based. Wood is also frequently used in good architecture; therefore this category offers durable products inspired by the beauty of this refined material. A concrete Timber tile is an example (applied indoors and outdoors) - its structure imitates a carved plank with natural wood structure. The Timber tile is not only durable but also an impressive, well-designed product. The Timber wall tile won the prestigious “Design dla konesera. Piękno, Innowacja i Prestiż” [“Design for Connoisseurs. Beauty, Innovation and Prestige”] competition in “Finishing materials” category, organised by “Dobre Wnętrze” monthly. Architectural tiles impress with the references to the best models in architecture. In spite of different forms and textures, they have one common element - their colours are homogeneous. Therefore they can be effectively used on both large areas and smaller arrangements, also in the form of modern architectural decor. Architectural tiles will fit many interior arrangement styles. They are ideal wall linings for the loft, minimalist, industrial, retro and Mid-century modern style spaces. They suit modern and classical furniture, however, in both cases the products must be well designed. Architectural tiles colours make them an ideal background for many materials used in interior finishing. They go well with wooden floors, good quality panels and cast resin floors. Simplicity and minimalism of architectural tiles may help create eclectic interiors, where various materials, decor elements and works of art form distinct and contrasting spaces. Characteristics of an architectural tile make it an ideal choice for business, exhibition, office, concert hall, and art gallery spaces.